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Barbara Myers, ND, CNC, MH is the traditional Naturopath and Beth A. Mahon RN., BSAC, GRRNS, CAHAI, Community Health nurse. The Nurse & the Naturopath consultation services offered by Willow Health are designed to educate and pursue optimum lifestyles, thus resulting in a healthier community.

We are aware of the chronic health issues the community is challenged with presently. Our goal is individualized care focused on aiding and suggesting personal optimal lifestyles. Barbara and Beth are a unique balance of naturally and medically trained professionals providing integrative care. Thermometrics/Thermomgraphy is a tool which is utilized to reveal disturbances which are vital to know, therefore we can assist in providing a program to benefit your health.

Your first appointment with the Nurse & the Naturopath is FREE

When you get Thermography here at Willow Health your first consultation with the Nurse & the Naturopath is complimentary.

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